From the “Working Journal” – a photographic and handwritten documentary of the jobs, professions and endeavors that shape our connectivity to the people and  the world around us-Morgan Rosenblum, comic book writer, Brooklyn, NY. “People always ask me ‘how do you write for comic books?’ Honestly, I don’t. I just write. Every single medium ultimately starts with simply the written word. Whether that’s a movie, a video game, a TV show or a comic book. I don’t go into writing thinking ‘how is this going to work on the comic book page?’ The whole reason I got into comic books in the first place was because I couldn’t focus on reading a traditional “text“ novel or book without spacing out after a few minutes. My dad started getting me comic books as a way to help get me excited to read something. It worked. The visuals drew me in. The words then didn’t distract me anymore. I love to write, but my favorite thing to do is to create worlds. Big ideas that stretch your imagination. George Lucas, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, J. K. Rowling – they are all world builders. This is the kind of writing and storytelling I live for. The kind of stories that resonate with me but also feel like a true escape from reality. If your dreams don’t take you to new places then where is the fun in that?”

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