From the “Working Journal” – a photographic and handwritten documentary of the jobs, professions and endeavors that shape our connectivity to the people and  the world around us-George Ranalli, architect, New York City. “ Sustainability is a term that generally refers to maintaining the environmental, social and economic needs of human existence. In the same year I opened my architectural firm in 1977 the prevailing  idea about how to grow neighborhoods and  cities was to get rid of the past and start over from scratch. I had worked  as a jazz musician all through my training in architecture and  the clean slate approach didn’t make sense to me. I was taken by how well the legacy of music passed from one generation to another, continuously to fuel creativity. In search of an alternative perspective on architecture I began to notice the untapped potential in urban factory districts and other older buildings. I decided to try to reuse some of these buildings for new purposes. Over more than  40 years I have joyfully pursued this “third way” as an alternative to either historicism or anti – historicism. By staying true to the principles of always respecting the setting and the people who use the architecture I design, I blend  modern design and construction innovation  with historic  preservation and energy efficiency into places where people live and work and learn both preserving and creating”.

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