From the “Working Journal” – a photographic and handwritten documentary of the jobs, professions and endeavors that shape our connectivity to the people and  the world around us- Paul Anthony, professional boxer, Brooklyn, NY. “I’ve been boxing for over eight years. Boxing is a drug to me. I started boxing to stay off the streets and out of trouble. Since my first fight I could not stop fighting. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I continue to fight because it fills my life with happiness. Also, I just love the entertainment business. Being a boxer is very painful mentally and physically. Some days are good some are really bad but me and my team keep pushing. My goal is to give back as much as I can and to become a world champion. I want to be a great role model and help prevent young children from making bad decisions. Long story short, I’m doing this for me, my family and for the future champions in every day life. That’s what fuels me to keep going through all the hard times. The future is coming after me.”

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